Bethsaida Baptist Church Midweek Bible Study
Lesson 1

May 13, 2020


Psalm 31




(Be sure everyone has a Bible. If you have a hymn book, have it ready)


(Read the introduction words to the psalm- To the chief musician. A psalm of David)




Whom is this psalm addressed to?


The chief ______________________.


It is a psalm of ___________________. This means that David wrote it.


Why do you think David addresses the psalm to the chief musician (or music director) of the worship team?


(Hint- it is a song)


The psalms are songs, but they have been translated from Hebrew so the rhymes and rhythms are not there any more. But we still sing them.


(Project- if you have a hymnal, try to find some songs that are also psalms- Hint- In the back of most hymnals there is a section called “Index of Scripture Bases for Hymns.” Check it out)


If you do not have a hymnal, An example to use is “Joy to the World” which is Psalm 88.


The psalm we will study is a great psalm to learn.


This is because we will all have struggles sometimes. It is good to read this psalm during those times. Your family may sometimes have struggles. It is good to read this psalm together during those times. Other Christian friends may have struggles. This is a good psalm to share with them.


(Read Psalm 31)


What assurances does this psalm give us about God?


God is our _______________________v. 3


We can trust in _______________ v. 6


God is ________________________ v. 14


God _____________________ us. v. 15


God is ____________________. v. 19


God is our ___________________ place. v. 20


We can count on God to ___________________ us when we prayed and confess our sin. v. 22


God is our __________________ v. 23


God is our strength and ____________

v. 23-24

(Answers- v. 3- fortress, v. 6- God, v. 14- trustworthy, v. 15- delivers, v. 19- good, v. 20- hiding, v. 22- forgive, v. 23- preserver, v. 23-24- hope)


There are two special messages in this psalm:


v. 5- David confidently committed himself to God’s care because God had faithfully delivered him in the past and had proven Him promises.


(How did God help David out with Goliath?)


Has God saved you?


Has God been good to you? How?

(Give people time to share)


So you can depend on God like David did. You can have ____________________ in God- that’s the first special message to you.


(Answer- confidence)


The second message is:


vs. 16-17


This is a special prayer that Aaron, the first high priest who was Moses’ brother, prayed too.


(Read Numbers 6:24-26)


Both David and Aaron prayed that God would look on them, ___________________ on them, and bless them.


(Answer- smile)


This is the second special message- God will look after you, smile on you, and bless you. Even during bad times. The bad times WILL get better.




This is a great psalm. Mark it in your Bible and have it ready. You may need it.


Prayer time- use the prayer list on the church website.