Mid-Week Bible Study

Lesson 3

Psalm 45

(Preparations- Costumes to reenact a wedding- a robe for the groom, perfume for the groom, a crown for the groom, music for the groom to come in with.- make the groom the center of attention instead of the bride)




What is a wedding?

What is a wedding celebrating?


Most of the time when weddings are talked about in the Bible, it is talking about the relationship between God and His people. Usually it is speaking of the marriage between Jesus and His bride- the church.


Who are the main two people in a wedding?


(Read Psalm 45)


I.  Weddings In Our Culture


In our culture, who are weddings mainly about?


Who gets the prettiest clothes?


Who plans the wedding?


Whose family pays for the wedding?


(The bride)


In Jewish weddings it is more about the groom.


When Jesus marries the church, whom do you think people will be looking at?




II.  The Groom


(Read vs. 8)


The guests will smell the groom coming.


The guests are waiting to see the groom’s try Italo robes.


The music plays for the groom- not the bride.


III. The Bride


(Read vs. 10)


The bride is not an Israelite.


She is expected to leave and forget her old family as she joins her husband.


Her husband is a king.


IV.  A Picture


This is a picture of the way a Christian is to forsake his or her attachments to worldly and earthly things to be joined with King Jesus when they are saved.


What do Christians give up when they are saved?


(Sin) (death)


What do Christians gain when they are saved ?


(Eternal life)


(Read Like 14:16-33)


What does the last verse say we must be will to give up in Oder to have eternal life?






What is this a complete reversal of the modern way of ding weddings?


Who is the groom?




Who is the bride?


(Is- saved people)


The world places the bride first and in center stage.


Where should Jesus be?


(Center Stage)


Where is Jesus is your life?


Is He in the center stage of your life, or are you there?


Is your life about Jesus, or about you?





Re-inact a wedding like we are used to.


Not re-inact a wedding like we have studied.


Groom first- make a big deal out of him- fancy clothes, after shave or perfume, loud happy music, etc


Then bring in the bride- eh…


Again- emphasize that Jesus is the groom and He ALWAYS takes center stage