Lesson 4

Psalm 46




Have you ever been scared? Whom did you go to?


Psalm 46 is one of the greatest passages in the Bible about God being our refuge.


A refuge is a place you run to when you are scared.


(Read Psalm 46)


I.  Even Though


What do those words mean?


What if I said to you, “Even though we are running late this morning I will still go by and get a donut for you on the way to school.”


What does that mean?


God says, “Even though” stuff happens, I’ll still be your refuge.


What kind of things are happening in verses 1-3?


Sounds rough.




II.  God Is A Personal God


(Read vs 8)


There are a lot of things happening in this psalm. Do you think if these things were happening in your world, they might have an effect on you personally?


In verse 8 God says to look at the events around you personally.


(Read vss. 8-9)


These events sound scary, but who is your refuge?


Where do you go for help? (God)


III. The Best Verses


(Read vss. 10-11)


These are good verses to memorize a family. Here is a challenge: each night this week say them 3 times together as a family. Work individually memorizing them. Then whoever successfully memorizes them gets to eat ice cream while those who did not get to watch them eat it (except for Baylee who gets a donut instead of ice cream)


Why are these verses the best?


They promise us some things:


If we will settle down and listen and remember and know that God is God, then we will remember:


  1. One day EVERYONE will know that He is God and will bow before Him. (No matter what they say or think about God now)


  1. God IS with us- all the time- even when we do not feel like He is.


  1. God is our refuge. He is the place where we can always go when we are scared or hurt.




Here is a question to finish with:


How do you go to the Lord?


(Possible Answers: prayer, Bible study, church, other Christians [remember that God loves inside all Christians], Christian music)


Always remember that you can always go to God- no matter how bad you have been, or how bad people have been to you.


He really is your refuge!