Lesson 5

The Deadly Tongue

Psalm 52:2-4




There was once an evil man named Adolf Hitler. Hitler was from Germany. He became an evil dictator who personally caused the deaths of millions of people.


He did it with his lies. He began by writing a book called Mein Kempf (in English this means My Struggle) The people of Germany read this book and believed it.


They were drawn into a terrible war which killed millions of people. Not only this, they literally murdered millions of innocent Jewish and Christian civilians simply because they believed Hitler’s lies.


It is estimated that 125 lives were lost for every word written in Mein Kempf (615 pages long, 153,750 words- over 19 million people). All of these people died for a lie.


The Bible tells us that words can be deadly. We can never underestimate the power of the tongue to damage other people.


This lesson is about specific teachings from the Psalms about the tongue.


I.  Psalm 52:2-4


The tongue is destructive- like a razor. It may not look sharp, but it can cut.


(Cut paper with a safety razor)


When a tongue is used to lie, it does more evil than good. Lying about people hurts people.


Have you ever been hurt by a lie?


II.  Psalm 55:21


The tongue can be smoother than butter. It can be oily and slick.


But the Bible says the tongue is a drawn sword ready to cut and hurt.


Like you talk nicely to some people then stab them in the back.


III. Psalm 64:3-4


Tongues can be sharpened. Why do you sharpen a knife?


This is done in secret so the people with the sharp tongue cannot be named. It is called gossip.


People gossip behind other people’s back so the will not be blamed.


Have you ever been hurt by gossip?


IV.  Psalm 140:3


The tongue is like a snake.


It can be poisonous.


(Show a picture of a poisonous snake)


Why would you avoid this snake?


Listen to the way people talk. Avoid people with poisonous tongues like you would this snake.




The tongue is dangerous. It is sneaky. It can be used for great evil.


What can you do as a Christian to protect your tongue from being this way?


  1. Give your tongue to Jesus.


James 4:7


  1. Develop the fruit of self-control.


Galatians 5:22-23


This what we are given to help us control our tongues. It is a spiritual gift from the Holy Spirit.


It is a fruit. It is grown in our gardens. We must work our gardens so our fruit will grow.


(Explain what “working a garden” means)