Lesson 8

A Common Christian Problem

Psalm 73


Asaph is a cool name, isn’t it?


I know when you were a child that your mom and dad read you stories about Asaph all of the time, didn’t they?


Well, in case they didn’t, let me tell you a little about him.


As you know, when King David was not going around petting his sheep, or killing giants, he had a band. I think it was David and the Giant Killers or something like that. They had quite a few hits.


Well, Asaph was in the band. I am not sure what instrument he played, but he sang back up to David, and when David was not there, he sang lead. (I Chronicles 6:39; II Chronicles 29:30; Nehemiah 12:46)


Asaph was a Levite. He was a music leader who was famous for bringing the ark into Jerusalem (II Chronicles 16) and for writing psalms. He wrote this psalm (Psalm 73)


He was faithful and obedient to the law.


But he had a problem.


(Read Psalm 73)


I. Asaph’s Struggle

Asaph had a pure heart. He had innocent hands. (He was a good guy)


However, there came a time in his life when he could not see the goodness of God. He had pressure and pain and problems in his life.


This bothered him so much that it created a deep resentment in his heart. He was slipping in his faith to  God.


He knew that God was good and that God had been good to Israel. However, he looked around him and saw that good people were having big problems, and bad people were being blessed.


(That is what he is singing about in vss. 1-16)


Have you ever seen this? It seems to be a pretty common thing. Well, it was ticking Asaph off.


Well, Asaph gives the answer from God in verse 17.


(Read vs. 17)


II.  The Answer to the Problem

When Asaph went into the sanctuary of God, then he “understood their end”.


Asaph came to understand that God was in heaven and was “his portion forever”.


In other words, Asaph was God’s forever.




Those who were far from God in this life would lose their souls in eternity forever.


(vss. 26-27)


(You may want to take this time to talk to your kids about their salvation if it is needed)




Asaph had a question that all Christians may struggle with:


“Why do I act well and I am not blessed, and the other kids in my high school sin and are bad and everything seems to go great for them?”


Here is the answer: Are you ready? Write it down!


We were made for eternity.


Eternity is where we will spend most of our time.


Eternity is where we will be rewarded and enjoy those rewards.


Eternity is where sinners will be punished and will stay in hell forever.


So the next time the kid next to you cheats and gets an A and you are honest and get a C (or worse). Don’t get ticked off and mad at God.


Remember that eternity is coming.