Lesson 6

Psalm 59




What do you do when you are afraid?

(Allow time for answers)


(Cry, run, call 911, go to someone you know who will protect you, sic your pet cat on them)


One of the bravest men in the Bible was David. What did David do to show he was brave? (Goliath)


Did you know that there were times when David was afraid?


He wrote about one of those times in Psalm 56.


Here is why he was afraid. The Philistines have captured him. Even though he was a warrior, he was afraid. However, even when he was afraid, he trusted God.


(Read Psalm 56)


David had fled to the Philistine city of Gath to get away from King Saul who wanted to kill him.


In this psalm there are several examples given to show us that God cared for David and that He cares for us.


Remember this:


     I.  God Is Always for You

(Read vss. 8-9)


When you cry in fear, God writes it down so He was not forget it. He knows everything that each person goes through. He takes care of each individual problem. Nothing is too big. Nothing is too small.


    II.  God Is Concerned When We Are Scared Or In Pain

It is like He keeps our tears in a bottle. But some day He will wipe them away.


(Read Revelation 7:17, 21:4)




God is concerned for every detail of our lives.


Listen to David’s response to this- even when he was afraid:


(Read Psalm 56:12-13)


This should be our response even when we are afraid:


God, even though I am afraid, I will keep my promises to You.


God, even though I am afraid, I will worship You.


God, even though I am afraid, I will remember that You saved me.


God, even though I am afraid, I will continue to walk with You.


(Conclude with prayer)