Bethsaida Baptist Church Midweek Bible Study
Session 2


Psalm 33




This psalm praises God for the way He made everything and how He has worked in history.


(Read Psalm 33)


What is a command?


When God commands us to do something, should we do it?




Verses 1-3 give us 5 commands from God about worship. Remember, a command is not an option.


1. Rejoice


What is rejoicing?


2. Praise the Lord


What does praising the Lord mean?


3. Make melody to Him


What does making melody mean?


4. Play skillfully to Him


What does playing skillfully mean?

(Miss Amy plays the piano skillfully)


5. Shout for joy


What does shouting for joy mean?

When do you usually shout for joy?

(Christmas? Birthday? Deer season? Going back to school?)


These are general commands for everyone as a group.


(Let children try to play on a musical instrument- pots and pans will do)


How skillful were you?


Not everyone can sing great, or play an instrument skillfully- but we can ALL rejoice and praise the Lord.


I. What Should We Do When We Worship?


Play musical instruments- those who are skillful




Hear the Word of God (vss. 4-9)




II. God Knows Everything

(Vss. 18-19)


He knows when you want to worship and when you do not.


Do you think it hurts Him when you do not want to worship Him?


God knows when you need help. He is powerful enough to help no matter what danger we are in or what help we need.




God deserved our praise and worship.


Let’s give it to Him.


Remember that worship is more about God than it is us. He is God. We are not.


Conclude with singing your favorite worship song. Let the kids “play” along.