August 1


Philippians 1:3-6

Assignment:    Pray !

Pray with thanksgiving for your partner – be specific.

Pray with joy – Don’t make your spouse force you to pray.

Pray together – OUTLOUD.  Praying is talking to God. If you can talk, you can pray. If you do not know how to pray aloud, it is time to learn.

Pray with confidence. God hears and answers prayer.

Pray every day like this for a week.

August 8


Philippians 2:3-4

Assignment:   Pray !

Seek to pray before you fuss.   If not , pray after you fuss and tell God how you messed up (not how your spouse did) and ask for forgiveness.

NOTE:  If you do not have any fusses this week, skip this one. (HA)

Pray Individually – Pray that God will make your aim to always make your mate’s concerns more important to you than your own concerns.

Continue to pray together as you did last week.  Make this a lifelong habit.

August 15


Philippians 3:3

Assignment: Examine

Examine your outside influences.  Do this individually first.

Are there relationships that come before, or between, the relationship you have with your spouse?

Are there relationships that cause you not to enjoy Jesus and church and spiritual events?

Are there things in your life that are causing spiritual problems? (Internet, job, other people, hobby, kids, etc.)

Pray and ask the Lord to reveal any of these things to you. Then come together and talk about them.

Together, make a plan to destroy, or take captive, these things in order to protect yourself, your marriage, and your family.

August 22


Philippians 4


As  a couple, go back over your other assignments.

Rank the things you need to do in order of their importance.

Beginning with the most important, pray and ask God’s help in working to overcome it.

Work down the list as God answers your prayers.

Remember to keep praying, as a couple, as you learned in the first assignment.

Make this a lifelong habit.